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Holy Cow, Sacred Udder ...

Bristol is proud to be home to Igfest, in the words of its creators SlingShot,  it is Bristol's very own interesting games festival - street games, outdoor spectacle, mass social interaction, the reclamation of public urban spaces for play and adventure. Founded in 2008, the festival is in its fifth year. 

Igfest is famous  for running 2.8 Hours Later, a zombie apocalypse game in which the aim is to NOT get bitten (it involves  a lot of running and fake blood) it is also synonymous with a game aptly named Rainbow Rain (think water pistols and food dye and a lot of people) & this year Icon’s very own Chris Stichman donned his creative hat this year to create a game called Holy Cow, Sacred Udder...

So Chris, Pray Tell, what is this game all about?
I am a member of Team Hat and we designed and ran a game called Holy Cow, Sacred Udder. We described it as, “a game of survival, stealth &... udders”. I played the role of the game's villain, a farmer who threatened to send the players, in the role of farmyard animals, to slaughter. It was great fun to run and it seemed like our players enjoyed it too.

Team Hat...?
Team Hat is a small group of my close friends who’ve been playing street games since 2008, but it wasn't until just after I joined in 2010 that we started to design games too. This was the second game we ran at Igfest after winning an award for our first game Arcade Anarchy last year. It's a great place for me to show off my creativity, where I excel at making high quality props on a shoestring budget. We  have a great time doing it, and even when the pressure's on, we remain good friends!

Can we get involved?
The festival is held annually but SlingShot run larger games over various cities (including Bristol!) throughout the year so it’s best to check their website for updates (http://slingshoteffect.co.uk/) and of course follow us us on twitter @Team_Hat !

Chris, you are too cool :)  Ed. 

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