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Himalayan Encounter

Icon Films has an eye for innovation and the unusual.  To celebrate their award-winning content, the independent Bristol-based production company brought in local artist Rory McCann to decorate an area of the office.

The 5m x 1.5m foot mural includes a snow leopard, a brown bear, the foot prints of a yeti and Icon Films’ office dog Alphie. The artwork is a snow scape of Mount Everest and the Himalayas, a location that Icon has filmed in many times over the last 27 years and has a deep love and respect for.

Rory McCann is a wildlife artist, specialising in murals, with an aim to inspire people to be more creative and feel more connected with the natural world. His work has taken him to Russia, Australia, Uzbekistan, Japan, Kazakhstan and Oman. 

Rory said: “The idea was inspired by the various yeti ventures that Icon has worked on. Each of the features in the mural play a part in this timeless mystery, what are they doing there? Each are a suspect: the snow leopard, the brown bear, Alphie and the third creature that has walked out from the painting and is at large in the icon offices.” 

The mural took four days to complete. Harry Marshall, Icon Films’ founder and Creative Director said: “We are fortunate to travel across the world, to different countries and environments, and want to bring the spirit of these magical places back for our staff to absorb, inspire and enjoy. We have a strong commitment to working with local artists and communities and are delighted with the work that Rory has completed for us.”

Icon Films has travelled across the Himalaya, to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan to film Big Foot the New Evidence (National Geographic US), Big Foot Files (Channel 4), Yeti, Man, Myth or Beast? (Channel 4) and Yeti or Not? (Animal Planet), Yeti Hunt for the Wildman (Channel 4 and TLC), Bhutan Kingdom of the Thunderdragon (BBC), Bhutan the Last Shangri La (PBS) and In Shiva's Matted Locks, Indian Journeys (BBC). 


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