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Icon to establish London base

Press release by Managing Director, Laura Marshall:


Those of you who follow our twitter feed or have access to Broadcast will have seen that we are going to open a London development office! By doing this we are taking the regional fight to London. With so much focus on Nations and Regions from Government and the broadcasters, which should increase out of London production spending, we want Icon Films to be right in the centre of commissioning, which, for the time being, is in London. Some London-based production companies are opening offices in the regions – we are going in the opposite direction.


Historically, much of our work has come directly from the US – and that’s unlike many UK producers who would love to have the access we enjoy to US commissions.  However, we have the capacity and the ambition to expand our programming for the UK market. Putting a Development Executive - yet to be appointed - into a London office, to work with our Bristol development team, and who will report to Stephen McQuillan, will give us easier access to those still London-centric commissioning bases. There is no thought of opening a production base in London, as that would be counter-productive when Bristol has everything we need. Production will continue as usual here in College House. And of course, we will be continuing to pitch and win commissions from the US. We have advertised for the Development Executive role and have started meeting people, and hope to appoint by mid-September.


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