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Ode to Icon

My Ode to Icon

In 2008 I joined Icon as the Marshall’s PA.
The place was very different from what we know today.
They at lived Fitzroy Terrace with toasters and desk fans as air-con
and as for meeting rooms and edits there were only one.

The first day was daunting and felt quite foreign.
With Harry and Laura away I was under the temporary care of Cris Warren.
After a tour of the P:drive I watched Street Monkeys with a nice cup of tea
and naively thought “wow this job is going to be easy!”

As the weeks unfolded it was clear that was not the case
with their hectic schedules Harry and Laura soon picked up the pace.
Meetings, markets a dog and 3 daughters to assist
and of course from Harry came the frequent 50 point to do list.

Mountains of the Monsoon and Weird Creatures were in production
and season one of River Monsters had then just begun.
Soon arrived my first Wildscreen and Panda awards
when meeting Joanna Lumley became one of the many rewards.

There was a cosy Monday morning meeting; some faces we still see
Like James Bickersteth, Claire Whitby, Lucy Middelboe and Andie.
Soon joined my Irish accomplice; the awesome Sara Hill
and leading us all, on that green ball, was Alphie and his iron will.

It was during this time Icon got a unique touch of glam
that was brought to us effortlessly by our beloved Tam.
Her wisdom and joy often lifted me and the rest of the Fitzroy clan
and above all else she introduced me to the sheer genius that is wine in a can

Mistakes I have made but of many moments I am proud;
guiding Harry through snow and Laura and Lucy through an ash cloud.
Master-minding numerous trips, away days and Icon events
and who knows how many POTRs and One Show booklets I have bound and sent.

Now in College House, Icon 2017 is an amazing place
 4 floors, 9 edits, 4 meetings rooms, a library; there’s just oodles of space.
With original artwork, those views, table tennis and this thing called PMI
but of course we still have Jan and random visits from Don the printer guy.

I’ve been inspired and supported by all of you the Icon crew.
Tracy, Lynne, Jess, Becca, Mark, Lucy and Andie to name but a few.
To Laura and Harry for all you have done I thank you wholeheartedly.
So farewell lovely Iconites – I’m missing you already!


By Elaine Jackson-Praill - 14th July 2017

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