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Paul Walker, Sept 12th 1973 - Nov 30th 2013. He was a good guy and a kind person.

He was on his way to a charity event when he died and we hope people remember this - the reason for his last journey - rather than the fact that he was killed in a fast car which doesn’t really say anything about the man. 

He was so much more than his on screen persona - not at all the usual film-star.  He was kind and generous and a curiously humble man who really wanted to make a difference to the world – especially to the world's Oceans. 

He was fined by his Hollywood studio for choosing to come to Hawaii for a few days to film with us last year and join Michael Domeier to tell the story of the plight of the oceans for Discovery Channel's Shark Week (when his contract said he should have been on the set of the latest film in Canada) and of course he gave his fee to a marine charity.  No prizes for knowing where Paul's heart was.

And a small but revealing point - when he was in Hawaii shooting with us on the Shark Week show on Great Whites, he insisted on paying his own hotel bill (knowing it was well above our documentary budget). He told us he'd heard The Four Seasons - where he stayed - was a lovely place and he wanted to try it - as his daughter Meadow lived on Hawaii and it was somewhere he planned to take her later. 

On the shoot we all were struck by how open, friendly, decent and considerate he was to everyone he engaged with - from the film-crew to the local fishermen he met on the quay at the end of a long day – who all wanted to talk to him and share a beer and some fresh tuna sushi - which he did with pleasure and great charm. 





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