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Q&A with River Monsters Cameraman James Bickersteth

Where is your favourite location whilst filming river monsters?

New Zealand. A beautiful place with good food, friendly people and comfortable accommodation.

What is the most challenging part of river monsters?
Catching the fish! And keeping quiet on the boat or bank whilst waiting for a FISH ON!

Which river monster is your favourite and why?
The Mbenga (Goliath Tiger Fish) It was so difficult to catch, when Jeremy caught one it was an incredible specimen, truly the most terrifying River Monster for me (especially as we were washing in the river not that far from where we caught it!)

What bit of kit do you not leave home without?
My head torch, head phones and iPod - I MUST HAVE ALL THREE.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a cameraman?
Learn photographic skills before you move onto video, keep fit and healthy, take the time to get experience (free work) whilst you are young and don’t have the financial burdens you will do as you get older.

Be ready to deliver the best results you can in the limited time you are given - time is of the essence with most jobs, practice makes perfect so learn your equipment inside out.

Watch and deconstruct styles of camera work you admire or enjoy, try to emulate and improve upon the work of those you respect. Be friendly and professional but don’t forget to have fun!

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