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Grand Designs - the new fundraising film for Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal

If ever you feel life is unfair or that you are not quite as lucky as you might be, a visit to one of the wards will soon put you right.  But far more than that, it will also inspire you and change you.  There is a mood of tangible purpose and selfless-commitment in the staff and in the parents.  And although there are some are very sick children, it's far too busy to be a gloomy place.  Not to do absolutely everything in their power is just not an option for any of the doctors and nurses you will meet. 

The film we made tells the story of one remarkable patient.  A boy called Dominic who was diagnosed with leukaemia in the early days of bone marrow transplants.  Icon Films donated its fee and the freelancers who worked on the film donated their time to tell the story of the amazing work being done at the Children's' Hospital and what the Grand Appeal is all about. 

Dominic's  story had a happy ending.  Not all do.. but it became very clear in the course of making the film,  that the chances of survival for all the children who are treated at the Children's Hospital increases with every pound that is donated. 

The Grand Appeal aims to provide the facilities that are needed to create a world class facility in Bristol that will bring together all the different disciplines needed to cure sick children under one amazing life-affirming roof - and bring about more happy endings.  


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