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River Monsters in 3D 'Pack of Teeth' is getting some great reviews ...

River Monsters, produced by Animal Planet was a thoroughly captivating and compelling look for the cause of several deaths along the rivers of the Okavango Delta in southern Africa. The River Monsters series has had a good run on the Animal Planet channel, but seeing this particular episode, called “Pack of Teeth” in 3D is quite another thing.

I’ve sat through a lot of African 3D productions, and frankly, they tend to blend into a mass of cliches. Not this show. It was beautifully filmed with terrific depth, lush color work, and a good story.

The show follows British Biologist Jeremy Wade as he tries to solve the violent deaths of people which were being attributed to crocodiles. Piranha aren’t native to Africa, so they were quickly eliminated. It turns out that the Tiger Fish was the culprit, a relation to the Piranhas, but much much larger. The Tiger Fish were hunting in packs, and once they started to attack, there was no defense if you were in the water.

Most of the show was taken up in trying to deduce what kind of animal or animals was doing the killing, and when we finally get a look at these nasty fish it is pretty dramatic. I didn’t care for the re-creations of the Tiger Fish attacks, and while I understand why they are done, they strike a kind of false note. The rest of the show was excellent.

“Pack of Teeth” has just about the best 3D I’ve seen in a broadcast. Shooting under these kinds of conditions are difficult in 2D, but shooting with 3D rigs is a major challenge. This show will run several times on 3Net. I hope you take the time to have a look. I wish the entire series were shot in 3D, rather than just this episode, but it’s a great demo of what 3D can do when combined with a great story and visuals. 



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