We are declaring a climate emergency. One of the first Bristol production companies to do so, we’re stepping up and taking responsibility for the impact our activities have on the health of the planet. We’ve pledged to reduce our carbon footprint and offset unavoidable carbon emissions produced by travel.

The initiative, led by our Director of Production Andie Clare, will work with organisations throughout Bristol to support rewilding impact projects and advocate for faster change in the factual progamming industry. This will include offsetting carbon emissions with Mossy Earth, an organisation committed to rewilding and native tree planting, continuing our strong relationship with albert, BAFTA’s initiative to monitor and encourage sustainable production practices, and joining with Bristol Green Partnership and the Sustainable Food Cities Network.

Bristol is a hub of natural history television production, employing over 15,000 people who are passionate about the planet and motivated to act. Icon Films is providing power and resources to enable action and encourage sustainability throughout the city.

You can see our video announcing our declaration here or view it below.