Hippos: Africa’s River Giants has seen much praise for its portrayal of the lives of hippos in the Okavango Delta.

The programme, which was produced alongside the Natural History Film Unit for the BBC, was recently broadcast on BBC Two. Exploring the ways hippos shape and are shaped by the yearly flooding of the Okavango Delta, the show provided an in-depth look at these creatures of contrast, who rely on water to survive and yet cannot swim.

The Telegraph praised the programme’s “spectacular underwater sequences”, describing “fabulous photography” as the film’s “chief joy”. The Radio Times also had much to say on the programme’s cinematography, describing it as “splendid”, giving “an intimate sense of hippos’ lives above and below the water”. Helen Stewart of The Times, meanwhile, explains that “one can learn a lot from a nature documentary such as this”.

That Hippos has had such an impact only goes to show the hard work of our teams here at Icon Films, as well as the incredible lengths Brad Bestelink and his Natural History Film Unit go to in order to capture the footage that makes Hippos: Africa’s River Giants such unique natural history television programming. You can catch up on Hippos: Africa’s River Giants on BBC iPlayer here.