We’re pleased that we’ve been named Bristol Green Capital’s first Going for Gold Food Champion due to our through our sustainability efforts. We’ve addressed each of their action areas through a huge variety of activities, from partnering with Geneco’s Bio Bee to turn our food waste into energy to shopping locally when we’re buying food for the office or catering our events.

Earlier this year, we spoke to the Going for Gold initiative about what we’ve been doing to support Bristol’s Going for Gold campaign and noted the importance of sustainability within our industry. According to BAFTA’s annual sustainability report, international factual has the largest carbon footprint of any television genre – which is why we work hard to offset that footprint.

The Going for Gold initiative is just one of the many ways we promote sustainability on-set and in the office. The Bristol-wide bid aims to have the city up its Silver status to Gold as part of the Sustainable Food Cities. By transforming food culture, Sustainable Food Cities aims to make healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic across a network of cities around the world. You can learn more about the Going for Gold bid here.