Creative Director Stephen McQuillan spoke to John Elmes at Broadcast about the new series

Icon Films is bringing a new series to Science Channel. Featuring Jeremy Wade, the series delves deep on an array of underwater unknowns. Stephen McQuillan, Icon Films’ Creative Director, discussed the series – and the advantage of US mid-range commissions – with Broadcast.

Describing the upcoming ten-part series as a “jumping off point” for Icon, Stephen explained that “it’s very hard to get orders of this size in the UK, apart from at Channel 5. What you get from a series like this is a decent US budget and 10 episodes. That’s the big appeal.” You can read Stephen’s interview in full here.

Made up of archive footage and investigative research from Jeremy Wade, Mysteries of the Deep comes to the Science Channel on April 2nd 2020. Learn more about the all-new series and watch the trailer here.


EDIT: Since publishing this update, Mysteries of the Deep has since premiered on Discovery Channel UK (21 May 2020) and Discovery Channel US (27 May 2020). The series will run weekly for 10 weeks.