Icon Films has been working continuously for the past weeks to plan for and provide continuity, confidence and support to our colleagues, customers, suppliers and our community.  Health and safety has been paramount in our preparations

The majority of our teams are now working from home, having been set up to work remotely, with a focus on maintaining data/media security of our work and systems, efficiency and close communication. Our offices at College House remain open to those of our team who need to be here while we transition the remaining edits to remote working, ensuring that remote working set ups adhere to the same security standards as our in-house operation.  The office is closed to external visitors.   Our switchboard remains open and direct dials have been redirected appropriately.    We have video conferencing facilities and we are able to access all our systems remotely.  You will be able to talk to us when you want and need to.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to be in touch.