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The survival rituals of the charismatic creatures of Botswana are as mysterious, elaborate and varied as the animals themselves.   Across the swamps, savannahs and deserts, animals have developed their own ingenious strategies to survive and further their bloodlines.  From finding the best territories to creating the very land they call home, each creature has incredible tricks and skills to build the structures that keep them alive.  Once their homes are secured, surviving in the wild becomes a race to mate.  How you attract a partner – or keep one – is critical.  Whether it be through mighty feats of strength; spreading the scent of attraction, or just by flaunting your best assets, every winner must stand out from the crowd.  But nothing is fair in love and war, and everyone is out to find the best suitor.  With everything to play for, those that are successful will get to raise a new family in the bush.  Now, through teamwork, experience and cunning they will bring up baby in one of the most unforgiving wildernesses on earth – teaching them all the tactics and skills they will need to survive, from the day they are born. In this spectacular 3-part blue-chip series, we witness the awe-inspiring strategies and dramatic behaviours of all creatures, great and small, as everyone does everything they can to survive the wild.

Publicity Notes: Africa’s Wild Side

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