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Botswana is home to the largest male lions on the planet but very few ever make it to adulthood.  Lion cubs are small and vulnerable, dependent on Mum for everything as the threats come from all sides. It will take years for them to learn all the skills they need to become the rulers of this savannah and they must fight their way to the top. Watching and learning everything from their powerful family, young lions waste no time practicing their killer moves on each other before it’s time to join the mob for their first real hunt.  Within a couple of years they become strong, independent hunters, but for some their days are numbered. Once fully grown, sisters will find their place as queens in the pride, but their brothers will be banished.  The boss will no longer tolerate his sons in the pride.   Now, these young males must learn to fend for themselves out in no man’s land.  Brotherly allegiances are the key to their success, but even if they can take over another pride – there will only ever be one king.

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