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Every November, Great Hammerhead sharks start to appear around a tiny island in the Bahamas.  With the weirdest head on the planet, they may be the most iconic of all sharks, but Great Hammerheads remain an enigma.  Almost nothing is known about their lives – and no one knows where they come from or why.  As pioneering scientist, Tristan Guttridge, embarks on an ambitious quest he wants to find out what it is that draws so many of these normally solitary, nomadic sharks to the shallows of Bimini each year.  Using state-of-the-art technology, he attempts to get under the skin of Great Hammerheads for the very first time to reveal their closely guarded secrets.  What he discovers could revolutionise shark research and safeguard the future for this extraordinary, yet endangered species.

Great Hammerhead Invasion has been awarded a three-star rating from the BAFTA albert consortium.

Great Hammerhead Invasion Publicity Notes.

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