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Pre-Covid, more and more of us were flying long haul than ever before.  300 million took to the skies in 2019, asking the question how does everyone get something to eat?


With exclusive access Mile High Meals: Plane Food Secrets goes behind the scenes at the UK’s largest inflight caterer – DNATA – whose challenge it is to keep millions of travellers’ taste buds tantalised on the nearly 30,000 flights that were taking place every year.


Where the logistics of food production on a Mega scale meets the glamour of air travel, every 24 hours, 24,000 meals are made from scratch and then eaten on planes flying around the globe. So what does food have to go through to make one of the 82 daily flights they cook for?


Over the course of a day, we’ll tuck into the extraordinary journey of the humble airline meal.   Following ingredients from the early morning deliveries, we’ll be their travel companions as they become fully-fledged meals in the epic kitchens – home to the lady who’s made nearly 1 million omelettes –  before they run the gauntlet of making their flight on time.


And it’s never as simple as just downsizing the portions when it comes to deciding what food gets to hit the dizzy heights of 35,000 feet. Plane Food Secrets delves into a world that no normal chef ever has to tread. One where food behaves badly on board and not every ingredient can make the cut, where the design of dishes takes months and everyone has to past muster with the airline they’re hoping to fly with, from mash potato to Lobster Thermador, and everything in between.

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