Mighty Rivers

6 x 60
Animal Planet
Animal Planet -

Ep 1: Ganges, 8th April 2018 - Animal Planet US

Ep 2: Yangtze, 15th April 2018 - Animal Planet US

Ep 3: Mississippi, 22nd April 2018 - Animal Planet US

Ep 4: Danube, 29th April 2018 - Animal Planet US

Ep5: Amazon, 6th May 2018 - Animal Planet US

Ep6: Zambezi 13th May 2018 - Animal Planet US

The world’s freshwater monsters are vanishing – and for biologist Jeremy Wade, that’s a wake-up call: a sign that our rivers are in trouble. Polluted, controlled, and over-exploited, even the mightiest are said to be dying. But are things really that bad, or that simple?

In Mighty Rivers, Jeremy sets out to take the pulse of six of the planet’s biggest waterways. With the same immersive style that’s made him a global TV star, Jeremy investigates the Amazon, the Ganges, the Yangtze, the Mississippi, the Danube, and the Zambezi. Are these huge rivers really sick beyond the point of hope? Or have reports of their death been greatly exaggerated? Which if any of them can be revived?

From insane mega-cities to remote plains, audiences travel with Jeremy as he mixes with the people who live along these rivers, tests their waters, and tries to make sense of what’s happening. After years of solving freshwater mysteries, this is more than just another adventure. In Jeremy’s own words, it’s the most important mission of his life.

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