Seven Days That Made The Fuhrer

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How did a handful of events turn the unremarkable son of an Austrian civil servant into the 20th Century’s most evil dictator, Adolf Hitler? This film unpicks the cataclysmic days in his life - each one having a profound influence in shaping his mental make-up. 

Interviews with experts who have an array of disciplines, from clinical psychologists to speech analysts, give a unique and sometimes uncomfortable insight into Hitler’s inner world. It gets under his skin to uncover the seven momentous days that created the perfect personal storm, a storm that created the Fuhrer, who would led the world into the most devastating war it’s ever seen.


'7 Days That Made The Fuhrer had to be applauded for its approach.... This documentary applied a rigorous biographical method to understanding the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler.'
Matt Baylis Daily Express 19 November 2013 


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Adolf Hitler
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Prof. Richard Evans

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