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Do you often have a tingling sensation in your legs? When you are trying to sleep do you have a compulsion to constantly move your feet? Are you often still wide awake at 3am because your legs won’t let you sleep? Then you probably have RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME.

Described as ‘feeling like lemonade running through your veins’, Restless Legs Syndrome is daily torture for the people who suffer from it.

This documentary meets people whose condition has become so severe they want to have their legs chopped off: The nocturnal pensioner who contemplates suicide, due to severe sleep deprivation caused by his tingling legs; the sufferer stuck in doors, due to the embarrassment her wriggling legs cause her; the sufferer whose constant fidgeting infuriates her husband so much she has to sleep alone in their spare room and the 41 year old sufferer who blames his damaged memory on his thrashing legs.

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