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Armed with rod and line, he’s spent a lifetime pursuing strange and deadly beasts that lurk beneath the water’s surface. Now, in a spectacular feature-length adventure, freshwater detective Jeremy Wade is on a mission to uncover even more horrifying killers – not in the deep channels of remote rivers, but from the depths of time.

With fearsome fish being newly unearthed, and more ways than ever before to coax secrets from the dead, the hunt is on to find the ultimate river monster. Huge swamp sharks, super-sized piranhas, two-ton bone-crushers, and the hideous ‘buzz-saw killer’ are all real-life predators from lost worlds – but which if any of these prehistoric nightmares has the edge?  Jeremy’s quest to understand these mind-boggling animals, and then bring them to life through the magic of CGI, will see him literally fishing for clues, as well as diving with incredible modern-day giants. And fittingly, perhaps, his worldwide search for the most terrifying fish that ever lived will lead him to his own backyard, on the shores of Loch Ness…

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