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Extreme angler Jeremy Wade returns to the Amazon as he takes viewers on all new spine-tingling adventure. This journey lands him deep into South America in search of the alleged killers lurking in the water. With locations so remote, and mysteries so bizarre, that he must dedicate an entire year to his latest quest, this could be Jeremy’s most exciting exploration yet.

Each episode follows Wade in his search for harrowing tales of man-eating fish, with the hope of discovering whether these freshwater whodunits are mere tall tales or frightening facts. Searching for a variety of aquatic attackers while navigating South America’s waterways, we follow Jeremy as he dives and fishes for fascinating and deadly creatures, putting to bed long-standing mysteries.

From the politically charged intersection of Brazil, Colombia and Peru, to the remote settlement of a rainforest tribe, Wade is crisscrossing the continent to investigate and catch his suspects. While freshwater fish are normally on his list, on one thrilling hunt he forgoes rod and reel entirely,  venturing deep underwater into a creature’s lair to catch one alleged offender that is most definitely not a fish…

River Monsters Season 6 Publicity Notes

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River Monsters Season 6 Press Release – February 2014

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