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Rule of the kingdom is reserved only for the strong.   Five heroes, each with a unique power, head up rival families struggling for power, clawing their way to the top.

Matsumi – reigning killer queen of the abundant marsh, Zalika – calculating queen of the barren Sand Ridge, Satau – ruler or the unruly northern forests, Saba- solitary and acrobatic assassin, and the newly arrived outsider Teemana – the mother with everything to lose.

Each will kill to protect their dynasty – each would kill to take the throne. The only way to succeed is to build an army to steal power, before the others cut them off at the knees. The winner will be rewarded with the richest hunting grounds in the kingdom, but for the losers life will be brutal – starvation, exile or execution. There are no second chances.

Fighting to survive, killing to succeed – nothing will stop the five heroes trying to reign supreme over the Savage Kingdom.


An Icon Films and NHFUB Production.


Savage Kingdom Season 1 Publicity Notes

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Savage Kingdom Season 1 Press Release

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