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The world is running out of space when it comes to a home for our trash, and nowhere is this more true than the US, where thousands of their landfill sites are reaching capacity. In the US alone, a colossal 268 million tons of garbage is thrown out every year, which makes up 12 per cent of the planet’s waste. And it’s growing.

So where does it all go?

In the hills of Orange County California is the 9th largest landfill site in the U.S – the Frank R Bowerman Landfill. It’s part of an elite gang of the biggest sites in the country dubbed ‘The Million Ton Club’, due to the epic amount of waste it receives every year.

As many as 750 trucks queue up to deliver thousands of tonnes EVERY DAY – everything from thousands of plastic bags to mattresses– and not forgetting the unexpected things that can turn up unannounced. And it’s not as simple as just dumping it all in the ground. We’ll join the army of people at the site using cutting edge technology from drones to dozens of Mega tonne machines to make it all disappear.

And the stakes are high – for the business as well as the environment, as this site can rake in $70,000,000 million dollars a year.

Secrets of the Mega Landfill will take viewers behind the scenes to see how one colossal site is tackling the war on waste on an unimaginable scale.

Publicity Notes: Secrets of the Mega Landfill

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