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A great flood arrives in a desert kingdom, transforming a dustbowl into a vast and lush wetland, in one of the most diverse habitats on earth.

This breath-taking blue-chip natural history film is a journey through Okavango’s seasons, seen through the eyes of an indigenous River Bushman. Our storyteller guides us through the course of Okavango’s flood and into a savage drought, interweaving intimate and spectacular wildlife stories.

The arrival and disappearance of precious water determines the destiny of the millions of animals that call Okavango home. For many, the flood is a lifeline. For others, it brings the greatest challenges. Everyone lives or dies by this epic event. It is the heartbeat of the Kalahari.

Following a single, interconnected miracle of nature, this film captures untold stories and dramatic new behaviours that are found nowhere else on earth. Using the latest filming technology and with unprecedented access from the air, Brad Bestelink and his team at Natural History Film Unit reveal the incredible story of the Okavango like never before. Filmed over a full cycle of seasons, this epic landmark reveals extraordinary relationships – both human and animal – in a land where the presence or absence of water changes everything.

Publicity Notes: The Okavango – A Flood of Life

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