On 26th September 2021 Icon Films was thrilled to have been honoured with the Sir Ambrose Fleming Award by the Royal Television Society, to recognise outstanding contribution to television in the RTS Bristol area.


Without all the amazing PMs, Editors, EPs, Camera Operators, Support Staff, Fixers, Talent, PCs, PTAs, Researchers, Directors, Producers, Post Production, Sound Recordists, DOPs, Colourists, Dubbers, Writers, Drone Pilots and Showrunners that have played their invaluable parts at Icon Films over the past 30 years, we would not be who we are today!


We are very proud of having been able to launch and sustain so many careers, to help such talented people do their best work and still, after three decades, to keep on reinventing and refreshing the Icon brand and set new challenges.


Here’s to the next 30…