Icon Films is delighted to announce its latest collaboration with Babbasa, the social enterprise based in St Pauls that aims to empower young people from ethnically diverse and less advantaged communities to move into work, education or business.

Icon and Babbasa have worked together on various initiatives. We’ve sponsored Babbasa’s networking events, run a Spotlight workshop on how to get into TV and are now offering eight work experience placements to young people coming through Babbasa’s youth programmes in Bristol. One of Icon Films’ latest collaborative successes is to use Babbasa to help recruit and shortlist for a Runner role, enabling a young person to get their first role in TV.

Farnaz Zare was one of the nine applicants shortlisted and was successful in being appointed the Runner position. She says: “Without Babbasa’s help, I would not have known about Icon Films. Babbasa supported me every step of the way. It definitely helped me find a role faster than if I’d done it alone. Without their help I don’t think I would be where I am now.”

Laura Marshall, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Icon Films said: “Bristol is full of young talent. We’re proud to be supporting Babbasa to help young people find the confidence and experience to find work in the television industry. Icon Films is an inclusive and supportive company, we want to be at the forefront to train and employ the next generation of television professionals.”

You can learn more about Babbasa and their work here.